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Can we change the world by 2033? 

Meet the generation of
thinkers, doers, artists, scientists & activists
who say YES

What Topics are Covered?



Disability Advocacy

First-Amendment Rights

Forming a NonProfit


Human Security

& More!



The 2033 Podcast began purely as an audio format, but has since grown into a virtual and physical community of brilliant thinkers & doers. Our in-person events bring together young people from diverse backgrounds and careers, facilitating the exploration of ideas through discussions and workshops. 

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2033 Generation

Spend a weekend in beautiful southern Vermont at a retreat exploring a theme in-depth. Through outdoor activities, peer-led workshops and facilitated discussios, the Generation explores how we can work together to change the world by the year 2033.


 Past themes have included "Revamp Community" and "Should We Hope?"

Interested in joining the next Generation?

Email for more information.


2033 Lyceum

An ongoing monthly program for New Yorkers only. 


The Lyceum provides a space for young people craving an opportunity to share their ideas, explore new concepts and challenging themes, and support each other as they strive to make a difference in their own communities. 

Interested in being a part of the Lyceum?

Email for more information.



Welcome to the 2033 Podcast! We are a community of up-and-coming young people who are striving to make the world a better place. Come join the conversation!

There are so many podcasts out there interviewing highly successful, accomplished people. Instead, we focus our attention on the individuals who are still in the middle of developing their expertise or building their organization. We want to hear what it's like to be a work in progress, what it means to have an idea and implement in the real world, and have no idea if it will succeed or not. We hunt for stories of triumphs and perseverance despite failures, of highs, lows, roadblocks and redirections, all in service to a goal that will catalyze change in the world.

Through this focus, we hope our listeners will be inspired to do their part in making their communities - both local and global - a better place.

On our podcast, you'll find young people from all over the world, coming from different backgrounds and all working in diverse fields: education, law, science, entertainment, and more. We often hear from young people that they feel disillusioned or helpless when confronting the numerous issues plaguing our planet today. By pooling our knowledge and diverse perspectives, we're confident we can work together to  explore alternatives to these challenges while garnering informed hope.

We welcome you to join our community! Engage with us on social media, send in questions for the hosts and guests, and fill out the application below to join us on an episode!


Why 2033?


We are trying to find ways to make the world a better place by the year 2033, which will be exactly 100 years since FDR passed his New Deal in the United States. Notwithstanding its flaws, the legislation represented a revolutionary change in the way Americans viewed the economy, government, and their own place in the world. Here at the 2033 Podcast, we want to find the New New Deal, a refreshing way to look at the world and tackle problems. We're excited to see all that our guests accomplish in the next 13 years!


Abigail Steckler (big sister) & Tim Steckler (little brother)

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Are you interested in being on our podcast? We would love to hear from you. Please submit the form below with some information about your work, and include any relevant links.

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We welcome you to join the conversation! Send us an email if you have any questions for our guests or hosts, or if you have thoughts you'd like to contribute.
We are also open to sponsorship and collaborative opportunites.
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